October 6, 2010

Good Night

The other day after Miloh chomped on his Cheerios while Staci and I ate dinner I through my hand up to him and said "high five."

He reciprocated.

I smiled...probably ear to ear and put my hand up again for another. He smiled and gave me a second high five.

We'd never done that before...I think one might have been offered when he was super young but I haven't tried in months. It was great.

Then I went to put him to sleep...I laid on the floor next to him (in case you didn't know we have a floor bed.) He was there hanging with his pacifiers, he only gets them when he goes to sleep and now he can only sleep with at least 2. One in his mouth the others in his hands or around the bed...he switches around a bit.

So there I was and he takes the one that isn't in his mouth and he tries to put it in mine. When he finally got it in my mouth, as opposed to my nose, cheek or eye, he smiled big.

Then he took it out and tried to put it back in...and smiled. This went on for a good 15-20 minutes.

I know he was stalling but it was kind of magical...something I never would have expected would happen.


  1. little people never stop amazing us. I have heard awesome stories of parents who are still amazed with their 20+ year olds. Nice to know these feelings never go. night!

  2. He gave you his precious paci?! Wow. If that's not saying, "I love you Dad," I don't know what is!

  3. I didn't think of it as a high value gift from him. But I guess it is. Cool.


  4. These moments are SO sweet!! Babyhood goes by SO fast.

  5. These moments are SO sweet!! Babyhood goes by SO fast.


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