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Opening scene to Miloh's episode of Cribs

This is is pretty much how every morning goes when we walk into Miloh's room. I had to cut it short short because a stray roach was walking around.

Update: to answer Lauren's question. This is the Cliff Notes version of how this started happening.

First thing is the floor bed should actually be called a bed floor. He often crawls out of his bed to sleep. Less now but he did a lot in the beginning.

And at first he'd crawl towards the door wanting to get out and he'd fall asleep right at the door. There were a couple clunks until we started opening the door super slowly.

Sometimes it took us awhile to open it. He could be right at the door and we had to nudge him out...slide a hand through and move him.

Then as he got older he tried to open the door...but sadly he often shut it. He'd open it ever once in awhile but it was a fluke.

But now that he's super old he gets how to open it. Most mornings he wakes around 6:20 and plays in his room for 15-30 minutes. We hear him clunking toys and talking.

Then when he wants us to get him he goes to the door and either kicks it or hits it. We hear the knocking head to his room and open the door a bit.

Then I think he backs up for us to open it...or on a lot of days for him to get the door.


  1. hahah nice, stray roach. what a cutie! you have inspired us to do a floor bed for our 1 year old once he has his own room, what a great idea.

  2. Holy cow, Miloh is the CUTEST BABY EVER! Also, you don't sound how I'd expected at all!

  3. Dang roaches, being all stray and stuff! LMAO!

  4. Roaches? Dude, that's nothing. ;) Check out the dead rat post on Becoming Sarah. So did you always realize Miloh may be right by the door or was there that morning that you opened it and...clunk. $#%@! LOL. By the way he is super cute.

  5. Lauren I added a bit to the post to answer your question. thanks

  6. I expected to see two roaches. Very cute. Miloh, not so much the roaches.

  7. For anyone who has questions on floor bed, please let me know. Kenny does a great job of explaining it and I am always there to help with set up for new parents.

    I have to admit waking up to the sound of Miloh playing on his own, giggling and babbling is amazing. Then when he hears that we are up, he goes to the door and knocks. It is wonderful. And when the door opens, the smile is like no other. It makes for the best way to wake up. Even as we get used to early mornings with our darling.

    PS we would never have roaches. I will make damn sure of it.

  8. He's so nonchalant about chillin in the entryway. Love the idea of a floor bed... it'd probably help my kid to quit losing limbs in crib bars. But we have lots of roaches around our house so we'd better not.

    Following you on twitter now. I'm a new tweeter.

  9. He is so stinkin' cute. He and Nellie take the same pacis, except Nellie's are pink. Naturally.

  10. Thank goodness the roach didn't fall on his head. Whew!

    I'm really thankful that I bumped into your blog when I did. We have a 6-month old who finally out grew her Moses basket. (I think you guys call it a layette?) We've moved her onto a floor bed in our room (she isn't sleeping through the night yet). Once she's more or less making it the full night we'll move her into her brother's room (they'll be sharing). I love the idea of the floor bed and so far things are going great. An added bonus is that our house is tiny (as they all are over here) and so the idea of having a bed AND a crib in the 2nd bedroom meant there would be no floor space. So the unexpected benefit of having a floor bed in there means that it will be an area both kids can play on, instead of a big box taking up space.

    Thanks for being brave and taking all the sh!t from people.

  11. I love me some Miloh. This is hilarious.

  12. Lauren I added a bit to the post to answer your question. thanks

  13. Holy cow, Miloh is the CUTEST BABY EVER! Also, you don't sound how I'd expected at all!


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