May 29, 2011

Wheels (part one of probably three)

I'm brainwashing MIloh. I admit it. Staci caught me doing it one morning.

When it's my time to do morning duty I let Miloh watch a little video on the computer after he's done with breakfast. It's a video I've shared on here before in a post about things that inspire me.

The first time he saw it there was a tiny Miloh clap in the middle. The second time he watched it jaw half open in amazement. The third time he gave the more symbol at 4 minutes in which is actually a kick ass part and one of my favorites, and I'm not sure how much more Danny can give.

The fourth time was magical... For me at least. Miloh said Bike-er. Then he smiled and clapped.

It's no secret that I love biking and that I'd love Miloh to enjoy it too. I've been working on making him a sweet trike even though he's too short to ride it right now. I have plans to build him a super cool 12" bike and his first BMX bike will be my 1988 Haro Master.

If he doesn't dig biking that's fine... I won't be one of those kind of dads that you see at a baseball field making him do something he doesn't love.

But early signs say he's going to dig being on 2 wheels.

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