May 16, 2011

A letter to Miloh

I was keeping away from doing that "Letter to my kid" thing because in a way this is a letter to him and I don't want to get super personal on the blog. But then Mandy from some blog I can't remember the name of wrote a post to her daughter Harper about some of their happenings.

I thought maybe I'll do a post like that when Miloh turns a year and a half... And then periodically afterwards.

Then the ubiquitous Google Ad, which was surprisingly hard to find with a search on youtube, with the dad writing emails to his kid showed up... And it pulls on my heartstrings and makes me feel like a horrible father for not writing letters to Miloh since day one.

So I'm gonna try to do that. I was going to set up an email account at URL I bought him when he was a week old... I was so tired when I did it that I hadn't remembered it until it was set for auto-renew a year later, but I decided to do a gmail one because I won't have to port the emails over if I switch hosts.

The funny thing is when setting up the gmail account I used Miloh's info... but since he's under 13 I couldn't set up the account, so I faked stuff. But that means the dad in the TV spot also lied to Google... So Google is promoting deceiving them.

Here goes:

Hey Miloh

I decided to write you periodic letters because I saw a great ad for Google that had a dad sending emails to his daughter. So I thought I'd steal the idea... Although it's really not stealing and people have been doing it forever... Moral of the story: Don't steal.

I know you're probably asking right now "What is Google?" It was this company that basically did everything and owned everything on the internet.

Then Facebook came around, that was an annoying site where people over shared information of themselves. These things included photos of them getting high and status updates wondering why they didn't get a job they applied for. Moral of the story: Don't get high.

After Facebook there were some others... Things change so much that it would be tough to guess what will be the king when you read this. Maybe will make a comeback and change the world as we know it.

Don't know what Kozmo is? I'd say look it up on Wikipedia but that's probably gone. It was free and needed financial support from people so it went away like NPR and PBS did. Moral of the story: Support public radio and TV.

Anyway I decided to write now because today (May 11) you said something letter worthy. You said "Love you dada." Honestly if I were you I would have said "mama" before you said that but you made your bed so you have to lie in it... And while you're lying in it realize that you were upgraded to a regular bed because your mom thought you were ready... However she's responsible for the floor bed so I think it evens out.

You're a bit over 15 months now and you're personality is booming. I'd say that if I could any kid I'd pick you but that would be a lie. I didn't know a kid could be as cool as you so I wouldn't aim that high. You're like a little me but you look like your mom although you seem to have my widow's peek. I realize that after that last sentence I seem really full of myself. Moral of the story: Tell it like it is.

I like just hanging out with you, never thought I would this much. On the days I have morning duty I sit on the floor next to your little table while you eat. You try to feed me your waffle and clap when I eat it. Actually you clap all the time; when we understand what you are saying, when you like your food, when Kalli's around and any other time you're happy.

Another thing you do when you're happy is shake your head no. I'm not sure why but somehow you think it's a sign that you're happy and it's awesome. Moral of the story: Stay awesome.

You sit next to me when I'm sitting on the bottom stair step putting my shoes on... And you push me over if I don't leave you room.

You giggle all the time too, when we're walking Kalli, when mommy and I let you lay in our bed, when we do that "Uncle Will" thing where we tickle you... Or when you do it to yourself saying "zzhzhzhzhzhzhzzzzhhh" and waving your finger around until you tickle your chest.

You say a lot of stuff; cot = apricot, keysh = key, day = date, dag = dog, cah = car, dada = hopefully me, buh= bus, ba = banana, bah = ball (the last three are subtle) and your favorite ish = fish.

Man do you like fish. We've taken you to the aquarium and you're in a state of amazement the whole time. If we put on the Imax Fish movie on netflix (used to be this thing were you could watch movies online) you go nutso happy that we can't even control you. Moral of the story: You should be a marine biologist.

That's not it, but it is for now.

Moral of the story: Love you kid...


  1. awwwwwww, what can I say.
    He will be very happy to read his letters one day.
    And for you it is such a good moment to already look back (there are so small but take their place in the family as it has never been different).
    Plus we forget so quickly... how often I thought ...of course I will remember when she started this and that, saud that and so on...and dont...well...not me:)
    so I am happy to have lots of pics, videos, "souvenirs" and a little journal.

  2. Very cool, little bro. You're a fantastic dad, and Staci's a fantasic mom. (Must use same adjective so as not to offend...)

  3. Kenny, I think I should write you and Miloh letters. You are such an amazing dad. watching you the bond you two have is beyond anything I could wish for. Now if only he would say Mama. or Ma...i will take anything. But for now, seeing you two smile is enough. (well really a MMM sound would be good too).

  4. Love ya kinny. PS remember when I cried when kozmo went under?

  5. This is an awesome letter! It's weird thinking that Facebook and Twitter won't be around when the kids are older. They will be like 8tracks and 45's.

  6. Kenny, I think I should write you and Miloh letters. You are such an amazing dad. watching you the bond you two have is beyond anything I could wish for. Now if only he would say Mama. or Ma...i will take anything. But for now, seeing you two smile is enough. (well really a MMM sound would be good too).


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