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A couple firsts... Including the first post Miloh will want me to delete or Foursquare is ridiculous

I'm kinda tired... as is Staci. We spent the midnight hours and later in the ER. You'd all have known where we were and when we were there if I used Foursquare, but I don't because I think it's ridiculous.

As a marketer I think it's got great potential for genius... As a person I could care less. I don't care if anyone is as Target buying toilet paper. Or Starbucks getting a latte. In fact the only badge that really impresses me is the Nasa Explorer Badge earned by Douglas H. Wheelock for checking in on the International Space Station.

But more on badges latter because I'm doing them one better... Or maybe 3 better.

Back to the boy... Miloh has had a high temperature for a bit and it finally spiked late night Saturday. The nurseline told us to head to the ER.

When we got there we expected a wait but Miloh was on cue and decided to puke as we were checking in. What's that mean you ask? It means he got a patent pending Smonkish Badge®, The First Spew Badge. Suck on that FourSquare... More on the badges later.

First Spew

We got in fast and then waited a lot.

Yada, yada, yada I won't bore you with details... He had a tiny bit of fluid in his longs (pneumonia) and his fever went down.

But that's not the end of the story.

I changed his diaper, put him to sleep and he slept like, well... Like a baby.

It was my turn for morning duty and with some good luck Miloh had a morning doody. As I changed it I saw something kind of fucked up. There was the cover of a thermometer probe half sticking out of his butt.

I don't think I have to say how freaking pissed I was... It was in there all night... And since I did the diaper before he went to bed I know that it was hidden when he went to bed. NOT GOOD AT ALL.

He looked fine... But of course I got the Charge Nurse on the line... And she got an earful... And a schooling... And another earful.

This isn't over. I'm going to be having chats with the hospital. You get a free meal when they find a fly in your soup... This is a bit more serious than fly.

I write this because you really need to be careful with kids. Who the hell would have thought this wold happen? Yes he's ok (as far as we can tell) but think of what could have happened. Could things have been punctured or such? He was so tired that he didn't complain. He was a trooper.

Taking a temp is such a simple thing and they screwed up... Yeah people are human but are you kidding me? You put a probe cover on, take the temp and ditch the cover... Not too tough.

I'm not sure what advice I can give you... But I wanted to share...

And because I'm me I can see the good side of this...

Miloh got his They Left a Foreign Object in Me Badge. It's not an easy one to get.

They Left a Foreign Object in Me

I'll be updating badges as I think of them. Tonight while I waited for Obama to speak I made a handful (thank God Obama peed his pants which cause him to run late).

I created a page of badges and I'll be adding more. If you have suggestions please let me know and I may make them. Please feel free to use them on your blog, twitter feed or whatever. Just follow the license on the page which is no commercial, no derivatives and with attribution.

Here are the other badges he's earned see the meanings on the aforementioned page.


  1. Crazy. Glad he's doing better.

  2. Glad he's better.

    Welcome to the club. You're not really a parent until you've said the words, "What's that in your buff?"

  3. Er, butt. Stupid autocorrect.

  4. fucking ridiculous. as an er nurse, i will say it again: fucking ridiculous. i hope you get more than a meal. like maybe the ability to teach a "how not to leave things that should'nt be left in children's asses" seminar.

  5. Holy hell! That's freaking ridiculous. I'd hate to be the nurse on the other end of the line. I would have lost my mind.

    Glad to hear the little tyke's okay, man. Mind-blowing story.

  6. Let me know what ER you were at and I'll be sure not to visit. That's crazy! Glad he's feeling better now.

  7. @sunshineyou it was Methodist... apparently it has a reputation for being bad with kids. Later a friend said that if you want your kid to live you go to Children's.

  8. glad he's feeling better... but you forgot the "peed like a frat boy" badge!

  9. @alisha I did get more than a meal... at this point the whole trip will be free (x-rays and all) but when I speak to them next I'll ask to teach the seminar. It should be short. "Don't leave things in people's asses. Any questions?"

  10. So, everyone else has already voiced my sentiments about Miloh and the hospital, so I will be the first to say that you need to create 100,000 of these badges and create an app.

    If not for smart phones, then you should at least make it as an add-on that people can put on their blogs. I would pay for it...

  11. Er, butt. Stupid autocorrect.


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