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Taking Miloh for a ride (wheels part two of most likely three)

Late winter I started looking for a good way to get Miloh on my bike for some riding. You all know the basic choices out there basically trailers and bike seats.

I'm not a fan of the bike seats that go in the back because I have an irrational fear that Miloh would fall out and I wouldn't know. Actually knowing Miloh it's not so irrational. He's too smart for his own good and he's able to Houdini his way out of most anything.

I'm also not a fan of the trailers. I'm sure they are perfectly safe but there's still that irrational fear and I think they're not easily visible. I almost hit one in a parking lot once because it didn't have a tall flag on it. I just couldn't see it and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Back when Miloh was only known as MF and not Miloh, because we didn't know what gender he was, I found a cool trailer that's actually a side car. I love this but it costs over $500 and that's not super fun. Also I only mention Miloh's being of unknown gender to add timeline as the carrier isn't gender specific.

Then somehow I happened upon the iBert and it looked good. It's a bike seat that goes in the front of the bike. So I bought one.

Along with the seat I bought Miloh a helmet, forgetting a friend gave us one. I saw a cool green Bell helmet. It has a Paul Frank monkey and some apples on it. When I first saw it I thought the colors of the apples were a tad girlie but who cares? Plus the helmet was half off.

While the seat and helmet were en route to me I hopped into REI and saw the helmet there... Then I realized a bit of a goof.

The helmet has super pink straps on it... I just assumed they were going to be black because all bike helmet straps are black.

But who cares... Pink can be cool (but it's totally a girl helmet).

Yada yada yada... I finally took Miloh for a bike ride.

Oh, wait... before I go into the ride I should mention that the helmet is size XS, the smallest they make. Miloh has to have the thickest pads in it and it's still a tiny bit big. With not pads in it the helmet fits me. If you have been reading this blog for a bit that shouldn't surprise you... We're both Pea-Headed Americans.

Anyway this isn't really a review post but the seat was awesome. It's easy to install and take off (you should take it off when no kid is around).

But the cool thing is I could really share the ride with Miloh. He'd grab my hands, sometimes try to change gears (possibly dangerous), and I was able to talk with him as I rode.

Once we were done he gave the "again" sign, which for him means both again and more. It was my first ride of the season however and my legs were not having it. But we've had a few rides since.

I tried to snap a few cool shots of Miloh in the helmet with my phone but he's really not a fan of wearing it...
Reaching for the phone

You can see the apples in the window reflection

One cool thing is when he's not on the bike I can really fly since I'm down over 35 pounds when you add Miloh, the seat and my heavy ass bike lock. Although I guess the lock is with me most of the time. I carry it because I had a bike stolen when I lived in Chicago and I never want that to happen again... I wear it like Chewbacca wears his bullet sash thing.

Moral of the story is he was loving being on two wheels... that's a good sign.


  1. We have been struggling to decide on how to carry our son on our bikes. We bought a seat for the back but realized neither of our mountain bikes were able to hook up. I was interested in the iBert in the first place but people made me believe it was not safe. How did you feel? I do not really like the trailers. We want Eoghan to feel part of the bike ride. We want him to love riding as much as us. He is 13 months. He already has a Giant Trike. Obviously he can not ride it but he whines until I push him around the house. We have already missed out on a lot of riding because we can not figure the best way to go.

  2. Katie. I reallt like the iBert and feel safe with it. I was surprised that there was pretty much no performance difference in steering. I will say the straps are a bit too long for Miloh (they fall off his shoulder because he's so small) but I criss crossed them and they work fine.

    You can get it from REI so you can buy, try and return if it doesn't work.

    Also since my legs are shortish I had to move my seat back a tiny bit but that's all

  3. That is true about REI. I do not know why I did not think about that. That is were I bought the last one we returned. Thank you for you opinion. I am excited again to think he might be able to ride with us and not dragged behind us.

  4. That is true about REI. I do not know why I did not think about that. That is were I bought the last one we returned. Thank you for you opinion. I am excited again to think he might be able to ride with us and not dragged behind us.


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