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A letter to my Representative or If gay people can get married it would hurt my pocket book.

This post is a little off subject but whatever. It gets in to politics and I don't talk about them much really to anyone... Except I may have tweeted my thoughts once or a million.

Any who I'm really sick of politics right now, especially in Minnesota. It seems that the majority cares more about defining marriage as between a man and a woman than balancing the budget. And that's just freaking ridiculous.

To make it more ridiculous there is already a law on the MN books that says marriage is between a man and a woman. Now on the 2012 ballot there will be a bill that will define it on the MN constitution as between a man and a woman... Just in case the law isn't enough.

I have a feeling if the vote does get put it in the constitution they will then want another law to make gay marriage super double crazy bad.

Anyway I'm kind of sick of it so I wrote a letter to my representative... I'll upload the response when I get it but I have a feeling it will go something like this "Thank you for your letter I welcome thoughts of all those I represent." Then I will be put on her freaking email list.

Here's the letter I sent:

Hi Rep Anderson

I'm writing you because you're my representative in the MN house and I saw that you voted to put the measure of defining marriage as between a man and a woman on the 2012 ballot (SF1308).

I was wondering if you can please explain why you hate gay people. You must because there is already language in the MN law stating that marriage is between a man and a woman.

So I wonder why you and your fellow Rs would want to further define it.

Is it because gay marriage would destroy the American family? Honestly Schwarzenegger, Ensign, Sanford, Spitzer and all the rest seem to be doing a better job of that than gay marriage.

Is it because gay people can't have children naturally? Niether can 70 year-olds and my grandfather was able to get married at that age. Perhaps we should make it so women can't get married after menopause... It would only be right.

Are you unsure of your own sexuality and scared of some of the thoughts you have? I'm not insinuating anything but it seems like some of the Republicans who speak out against gay people seem to be hiding their own "dirty little secret".

Did a gay man once steal one of your boyfriends? That totally sucks. It kind of happened to me once so I understand... But it didn't make me hate gay people.

Are you worried how it will effect you fiscally? Again this is something I worry about. I have friends and family who are gay. If they got married my family would have to go to their weddings, buy presents, and if it was legal in the entire US we'd have to take several flights and pay for our dog to be boarded. That would really hit our pocket book and it does scare me. I guess someone could make the case that if gay marriage was allowed these gifts, events and travel could pump money into our economy (could bring jobs to Minnesota) but let's face it we're worried about our own finances not the health of our economy as a whole.... Am i right?

Anyway I await your reply... I know you'll send one because you're a person who really cares about the people you represent. It know it doesn't say that anywhere on your site, I mean you mention business a lot, but I gotta just assume that you really care about the people in your district... Even the gay ones, there are gay ones.

Kenny Friedman


  1. Amen (not that I'm religious).

  2. Good for you! This nonsense about who should or shouldn't get married at LEAST shouldn't take priority over getting people jobs and healthcare and retirement. Minnesota state leaders sadly aren't the only ones getting sidetracked with pointless and I would call harmful policies that limit the freedoms of a certain group of the public. :( This all needs to just plain STOP.

  3. I second that AMEN. And a double hell-yes for actually sending the letter rather than just venting about it!

    Next to raising my kids, marriage has been an amazing experience and I would never want to deny this feeling to anyone. I will be voting NO in 2012!

  4. What I can't figure out about the gay marriage issue is this:

    We got married at the court house...
    The church does not accept this - we are considered to be living in sin, until we get married in the church...

    If my hetero marriage is invalid, because it is merely a civil marriage, why do they care at all about gay marriage?!? It's invalid unless it's blessed right?

    Nevermind, I'm gonna lay down now...

  5. Your letter is actually making it's way around, being linked through Facebook.

    To that, I'd just like to say, as a big gay who wants a bridal registry, thank you for your support. My family and I have also been writing letters to our legislators and we appreciate another voice in the crowd.

  6. Thanks all. I'm glad the letter is getting around.

    I'm sure it will fall on dead ears as far as my Rep goes (especially if I heard a comment on NPR correctly in that the Rs are just sending such emails straight to the trash) but it's good to get others thinking and possibly sending letters.

    To anonymous #2 I hope you can get that registry going. And I will continue to be a voice in this whole thing because it's just ridiculous and totally anti what our country is supposed to be.

  7. What I can't figure out about the gay marriage issue is this:

    We got married at the court house...
    The church does not accept this - we are considered to be living in sin, until we get married in the church...

    If my hetero marriage is invalid, because it is merely a civil marriage, why do they care at all about gay marriage?!? It's invalid unless it's blessed right?

    Nevermind, I'm gonna lay down now...


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