May 9, 2011

Five to the fourth power or maybe just 25 - guest post.

Five Shots. May fifth. Five Dude Bloggers.

I'm not sure how to do the math. It's 25 shots but there are four fives in the project. It's mind blowing and the only one who could probably figure out the math is that 12-year-old kid who basically called Einstein and idiot.

Somehow 5 dudes on twitter came together with an assignment of taking five pics on May fifth. One was supposed to be something green, one of your (my) most ridiculous shoes, one of your or your/a kid's favorite toy, one taken at a kid's eye-level and the last of your favorite person.

We're posting one person's shots per day.

Today is Billy (or William). You can find him on his blog Poop Life

Something green
Most ridiculous shoes (and also some sweet pretzel burger buns packaging)
Favorite toy
Taken at a kid's eye level
Favorite person

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