June 19, 2011

First Generation Dad

My parents divorced when I was 12 (or about then) and I would guess they separated when I was 11. And while my father was around those 11 years and I was forced to see him for a few years after the divorce I wouldn't say he was a dad in any respect. Unless you consider a dad to be the person that sits in front of the TV with you occasionally offering you a pretzel but never going to a ball game or any other activity of yours.

I could get more into the whole thing but you get the gist 

And while there were other positive male figures around in my life you can't replace the role of a dad.

So that being said I feel I'm a first generation dad. A stranger in a strange land. Someone that has heard of the idea of being a dad, seen the concept in practice but never experienced it. 

And so it's been about a year and a half and it feels more natural than I thought it would. It's the best thing ever in fact. Having a great partner in Staci helps. And having a super amazing kid makes it all the better. 

I feel like he's a mini me, although he looks exactly like Staci aside from his eye socket area, nose and hairline. 

One of the best parts is I know that Miloh will never be able to write this kind of post because I'm going to always be a real dad to him. A dad who's there for him. A dad he can look up to and learn from. 


  1. Happy Father's Day to the world's best dad! You are an amazing father to Miloh--you can see it in so many ways.

  2. Happy Father's Day. It's really nice to read your blog, and to see a dad who really wants to be there in his child's life.

    I know how you feel about the first generation parent thing, though in my case my mother died when I was 3 and my stepmother was not only physically abusive, but way too young to be a stepmother anyway. So basically I'm just winging it with my daughter. If it weren't for those 'what to expect' books the poor kid would be doomed.

  3. That made me cry, daddy blogs aren't supposed to do that. My parents divorced when I was 5 and my "dad" is the guy that really loves golf the most in his life.

    Here's to you breaking that mold and realizing just how awesome it can be to be a parent and what it all really means.

  4. and you're rocking it.

    i'm not sure if we've discussed this before, but not having a dad growing up has been interesting for me watching Scot be a dad - seeing what one is supposed to do and be like for the first time. sometimes i'd find myself trying to do everything and forgetting he WANTS to do things 50/50. i never saw anything but my mom doing 100%. strange concept for me, this equal parenting. you and Staci are awesome and Miloh is so lucky to have you, a first generation dad. your dad will never know what he missed.

  5. reading that just made me cry. i heart u kenny.


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