June 26, 2011

I am, I am, I am Superman and I can do anything

I'm already Miloh's hero, as I should be. The littlest things we (Staci included) do give him the greatest joy and wonder because like most kids, he can't believe they are possible.

When I can tell him what a fan is 3 times in a row he cracks up and claps. Same with a dog, a foot or really anything else.

When I take his Crayola toothbrush, with a suction cup on the bottom, and slam it into the bathroom counter so it stick up he can't control himself. He gives a laugh with a huge head turn almost out of disbelief.

If I figure out what he wants to eat he gives a clap that ends with his arms extended to the sky and a big smile.

When I grab his nose and say honk. He's amazed because he hasn't figured out how to get his nose to make the noise. He grabs his, and mine, and waits for a honk.

When we fly down the sidewalk on his trike, with me on the back, at speeds that I think will require him to wear a helmet just in case.

When I toss him high into the sky.

When I give him more edamame.

And because I make the best oatmeal ever. That's going to be a post in the near future. You wouldn't think oatmeal could be a post but Miloh has the ability to turn anything into awesomeness.

All small things but all things that make me a hero in his eyes.

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