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Vomit never scared me. I'm not one of those people that puke when I see puke. I never want to see puke... But it doesn't cause a gut reaction.

Last week, at least last week when I write this, Miloh was super sick. It all started at 11PM when he woke up crying. He'd been waking every night around midnight for a couple minutes so I thought nothing of it. Staci being the good mom asked me to check in.

I went to his room to see no less than a gallon of vomit on in his bed and on him. Perhaps the gallon is a little hyperbole but it did look like more that could fit in his tiny body.

We cleaned him up, switched out his vomity stuffed animals for clean ones and brought him in to our bed to sleep. It was probably more special for us that he was sleeping with us than it was for him.

At about 1AM he got up and started heaving. For some reason my gut instinct (not sure why "gut" keeps coming up but it's the best word to use in context) was to put my hand out to grab the tiny bit of spittle that came up.

The tiny bit of spittle was a lot more than the usual tiny bit. A lot more. I don't understand how he was able to get another good size puke out. It's like he was a magician pulling scarves out of nowhere or his body was a car stuffed with vomit clowns™. I'm trademarking "Vomit Clowns".

We got him cleaned up and changed the sheets. It was a rough night for all.

Since he'd only puked once before we didn't know what to do exactly so when it came to breakfast and he wanted breakfast and milk I gave him some bread and water thinking it would settle his stomach.

The water wasn't a good idea because he puked again. I rushed him upstairs and put him in our room to change his clothes... Then he projectile vomited on me. This was twice in 6 hours.

His whole day was rough and later went to the ER because he was borderline dehydrated. All came out well it was a stomach flu or something.

The moral of the story is something happened to me now that I'm a parent. I was totally there to stand in the line of fire of vomit just to help him. I don't want to do it anytime soon but I would do it again.

He also received a new badge. The Super Chunk badge for vomiting more than 10 times in a day. He went way over unfortunately.

Vomiting 10 times in one day


  1. Dealing with this exact same thing right now. SO much fun. *sigh* How can a tiny body hold SOOOO much? Seriously. How?

  2. Oh no! Poor guy! Poor you and Staci too! We dealt with that with Ruby recently and ugh... even the tiniest bit of water would come back up times 100. Mindboggling.

  3. I hear you. when my kids are sick they can vomit all over me and I dont care I even hold them closer. Never thought this would happen but seeing them not good makes me feel all sad and I want them to feel "safe".
    And the shower is never far.
    Hope he will be better very quickly!

  4. Thankfully our son hasn't done this yet, but I'm not looking forward to it.

    Your "Vomit Clown" reminded me of this Threadless t-shirt:,guys/style,shirt

  5. I'm mostly just a lurker on your blog but I have to comment. I'm sorry M was sick and all but I love the badges. Honestly, it adds something positive to an otherwise sickly situation. I am going to start the badges with my niece.

  6. Thanks all and Alyssa feel free to continue lurking. I'll be building more badges and such soon.

  7. I hear you. when my kids are sick they can vomit all over me and I dont care I even hold them closer. Never thought this would happen but seeing them not good makes me feel all sad and I want them to feel "safe".
    And the shower is never far.
    Hope he will be better very quickly!


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