November 3, 2011

P.D. Eastman Teaches Miloh How to Get the Ladies

We all know the book Go, Dog. Go!... at least I hope we all know that book because really it would be a shame if you don't.

In fact if you don't please put away your computer, phone, tablet or webTV and go to your nearest book store and buy it because it rocks.

It's one of my favorite kid's books and one of MF's... He calls it Dogs Going in Cars.

Reading it to him he actually learned the concept of in and out... Big and little as well as some of the colors he didn't know...

But the most important thing he's learning from the book is a bit more subtle... Something that's sinking in to his brain now... Something he'll be able to use in his teens and early twenties...

He's learning how to be a total ass to women and therefore hook up with them.

Let's examine.

The hat's not so bad.

I mean the hat's not great but he doesn't have to be a dick about it...

Notice he steals her feather.

And this one... Yeah it's a bit out dated... I guess "Vintage" but that whole thing's in... If the dude dog was married to the girl dog you know he'd say he liked it either way... A pause or a no would mean he's have to see several other hats to pick the best and they's be late.

Definitely a double black diamond.

Okay... This is actually a cool hat... This is how you know the dog is a dick... Plus it's obvious that this girl dog like him... As far as we know every time she sees him she asks about her hat. Yeah it's a horrible opener but she's probably nervous... Also how did they both get to the top of that hill? Were they dropped from a helicopter?

His hat kinda rocks.

Oh really... Really dude dog... You like that hat? It's horribly ugly even for a party hat. There are fish and spiders hanging from it. But yeah girl dog probably had a little to drink, she's vulnerable because you keep giving her the cold shoulder and now you make your move... You knew this party was coming up... Bravo...

Shouldn't it be "Good-bye" not "Good-by"?

And the rest is history...

The dude dog totally was an ass to the girl dog... The more of an ass he was the more she got interested. She even spent a whole lotta time making a hat to impress him... And he got her in the end.

Moral of the story: Until their mid twenties a lot of women like assholes... Also if you read this book to your kid you probably won't have to teach her/him the birds and the bees.


  1. I was just having the same conversation with my husband this weekend about this book. The dude dog is rude. RUDE! I have met a lot of dudes like him in the past. I still like the book though.

  2. Have you seen PD Eastman's The Best Nest? Mrs. Bird is a piece of work. I feel sorry for Mr. Bird dealing with her day in and day out.


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