November 14, 2011

Rocking The Suburbs: Part One of Maybe More Than One

So here's the deal... First off all blog post, speeches and the like should start with "here's the deal".

But while that's some ground breaking info it's not what the post is about. It's about my Virginia Slims moment... I've come a long way... baby (this is where I would link off to a vintage Virginia Slims spot but they are incredibly hard to find... And really it's the only reason I used that phrase... This is a cutaway fail).

I was born and raised in the suburbs. And was a total suburban kid...

I was that kid at punk shows wearing a gap hooded long sleeve hooded t-shirt because, well shit, my mom bought my clothes, I didn't know why I needed to look all punk and they were plain and easy... And really I didn't know any better... But it became my style so there you go.

What I'm saying is that while I hung with the punks I looked like the suburbs...

As an aside I'll say that some of the most punk people I knew did not have safety pins in their ears and foot tall mohawks and those looking the part were not always truly punks.

But that's not what this is about... It's about a suburban kid who couldn't help but looking the part.
Then after college (well technically after three college, plus a fourth for some classes, done in only 4.5 years I might add) I moved to they city... Chicago.

It felt right to me, down to what direction the lake was, and as I grew I became a city kid.
Then a job came along and took me out of Chi-town... And I found myself in a first ring burb.

Next we wanted to buy a place and we learned that if you move a bit out you get more space for the buck... I'm kinda happy we bought in the burbs because had we bought in the city our place would be worth even less (fuck you George Bush... and a bit of Obama... There are actually so many others I can name here but a special shout out to Reagan for starting the snowball... But that's not what this is about either).

I went back to my roots but it felt a bit off... I mean I love our place, I love having long roads to bike... But I hate that I can't walk out my place, make a left and have a great pub, cool restaurant, local bookstore 24 hour Walgreens (it's important) or grocery store within 4 blocks.

People are always surprised to hear I live in the burbs... Technically my job as a Creative could be on the line when people find out... I hide it.

But really that's not what this is about...

It's about our weekends with the kid. How awesomely pathetic some have become.

Last Friday night I had the kid on my own while Staci hit the gym. We had our housekeeper come that day (we're suburban) and I wasn't sure if she'd be home after I picked MF up... So I asked what he wanted to do; see fish, books, train or something else.

He picked fish. This is where we'd normally go to the Aquarium but that's a drive when in rush hour... But we found a magical place called PetCo.  Yup we go there all the time so MF could check out the fish, hamsters, snakes and all that... It's free, it's close, it's easy and it's something that I found a lot of parents do.

Then Saturday came around and we headed to another suburb to see royalty... The Cat in the Hat was hanging at Barnes and Noble. I'll make the long story short by saying the only communication between M and the cat was him say "bye-bye" A LOT... Also from about 50 feet away he asked the cat to take his hat off... The kid has manners.

Sunday came around and I had some time with MF alone... I asked him the question from a few days before... He chose trains this time...

So we headed back to the Barnes and Noble we were at the day before so he could play with their Thomas the Train set... It's free, it's close, it's easy and it's something that I found a lot of parents do.

As an added plus they now have a lego table filled with Duplos... He asked me to sit next to him and play but was completely unimpressed by the awesome alligator I made... It's hard to do nice stuff with Duplo and he really didn't appreciate my efforts...

The Alligator was awesome.

So yeah... This is our weekends... Stuck in the burbs but honestly I don't know what else we'd do... He has a ton of fun doing the strip mall thing... A little piece of me dies every time we bounce from mall to mall... But his glowing smile brings that back to life.

P.S. I should add that not everything we do is inside... We have a sweet park near our house and go their often... He's rocking the rock climb wall in the suburbs so that's cool.

And now for some enjoyment here's Frank Turner... Just switch out Reagan for Thatcher and the song kind of works for us folks in the states.


  1. sounds like my kind of weekend. i have a 1 1/2 year old daughter.

    1 day we go to the baby Gym and then home for lunch and then a nap.
    Next day, have the in-laws over and probably go to the park and watch my daughter swing on the swings and go down the slide.

    Love these times. I would not change them for the WORLD.

    Thanks for Frank Turner song. Love that guy.


  2. Love PetCo for an aquarium substitute. We do it all the time.

  3. Good to know others are awesomely pathetic.

    It's gotten tot he point that when I pick MF up from school and get to the intersection near the pet store he asks to go in... And he asks and asks and ask. And he's cute and the store is harmless so I make the turn in.


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