November 2, 2011

Video: Bee Line for Bread

I was going to do a post but then got lazy... So here's a video of Miloh pushing his shopping cart around whole foods. We've been there twice and he already knows where the free bread is.


Also since the quality of the video is so amazing you'll want to know the equipment used. The camera is from my awesome Sprint phone and the steadicam is my arm.


  1. This is seriously sooo funny! I think you could dub in some great music there!!

    Dub in? Is that even the right term? I'm so musically dumb.

  2. I think dub in is right... I was going to but totally forgot

  3. It's funny how they remember those things really important to them :) Love to see Miloh in videos!

  4. awww, this is so cute! I'm impressed that your child doesn't run into people and bash others with his cart. He actually pauses and let's them go. Weird, mine just busts this way through every one.

  5. He has exceptional cart pushing skills. Normally I want to run the little cart pushers over as they tend to stop suddenly for no apparently reason, and frequently ram into things/people. Not MF, though. He's very advanced. Must be the Montessori school.


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