A Very Jewy Christmas

By kenny friedman on Sunday, December 25, 2011

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Did you know Jewy has just one 'w'? I didn't... I was going to use two but then using the google I found that the New York Times uses one 'w' so 'm going with that.

Anyway some stereotypes are based on truth and the one about Jewish folk doing Chinese food on Christmas is absolutely true... And it's partly because they're open and partly because we freaking love it (another true stereotype).

In Cleveland, where I grew up, it was also impossible to get a last minute reservation at a Chinese place the night you break Yom Kippur or Passover fasts (or no bread thing). Here it's not so hard as there are about 6 Jewish people in the metro area... That's a fact.

And while you may have read that I'm not so down with the religion part of Judiasm, I'm down with some of the most important customs... Like Chinese food on Christmas.

Last year I don't remember what we did, actually I think it was Indian food since they're open too. But now that MF is getting older I really think sticking to the traditions are important.

And so we ordered in... And it was good.

Happy whatever you celebrate folks...

Probably a pork rib... So not Kosher

That's a mushroom he's inhaling... He loves them

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