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The Cat in the Hat Knows Pretty Much Nothing About That

I find myself saying it a lot but we don't let Miloh watch a lot of TV... Mostly because it goes a bit against Montessori at home (although we're pretty reform with that) and also because we, read I, watch too much and we don't want Miloh in the habit.

On the list of things he does watch is The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That. Netflix is our friend in the mornings so he will get a bit of that or Sesame Street while the person who's on duty that AM tries to actually wake up.

And Miloh truly loves the show. He calls it hat and pats his head. He let's us know that there's a fish on screen every time the fish comes on screen, he dances and says "Go, go, go" when they sing that song.

Unfortunately since we really only watch on Netflix we've only seen eight episodes... But this gives me time to really think about the show.

Here are some problems with it:

  • The Cat in the Hat actually really knows almost nothing about everything. He does however know the right people to go to for information. He's what Malcolm Gladwell would call a Connector in his book The Tipping Point (which is fantastic).  I'm not gonna fault the Cat because Connectors are great... But he doesn't know a lot about that.
  • It teaches kids that it's ok for them to leave with anyone and to believe them if they say "Your mother will not mind at all if you do." But really you have to ding the moms since they don't even look at who the kids are with. I'm aware the phrase is from the book too... The Cat is a creep.
  • That brings me to the moms. My theory is they are having sex with the pool boy or whatever. You rarely see them as they answer from another room. Plus they are quick to get the kids away.
  • One of the most disturbing things that isn't mentioned is that the narrator for the book, who is refereed to as "I" or "Me" is missing from the show. What happened to him? Was he killed? Did the Cat abduct him and now he's coming for the sister and neighbor?

    And why aren't we looking into Nick's (the neighbor kid) background? Once the narrator was gone he got a sweet deal. He get's to go all over the world with the Cat. He gets paid to be on the show. Maybe he killed the narrator.

    I demand answers
  • To take off in the Thinga-ma-jigger the Cat asks Nick to "Flip the jigger-ma-whizzer"... No comment.
Also I should mention that when I was searching for something about this post I found a nutbag who thinks that the two moms are lesbians and so she doesn't want her kids to watch. This woman can't see they live in separate house and always ask the same mom if they can go with the creepy Cat. So she's an idiot. That's not to say the moms aren't lesbians but it's hard to tell because PBS cut out all the hard-core sex scenes from the show.

Moral of the story: the Cat is a Creepy stranger that gets children to leave their house with him and then asks them to flip his jigga-ma-whizzer... But it's better than Caillou


  1. Is there Canadian flags in your episodes? There is at least 1 in every episode up here. It will be on a drawing on the fridge or a flag on the front of the house or a bird house.

  2. I think the creepiest thing by far is when the mom tells them they can go.

    I am always wondering if she knows who they are with? Or what they just asked her?

    And she always tells them to be home my dinner. That is the only rule in the house!

  3. From someone who's seen a few more episodes - sometimes they do ask the other mom, and I think it's implied the moms always think the kids are kidding. However, YES the cat is creepy. And I think the book is AWFUL and will not let my kid get anywhere near it. Dr. Seuss did some great ones, but he flopped with the Cat. The Cat is a creep who promotes parental disobedience! And "your mother will not mind at all if you do"? Come on, Cat! Mothers ALWAYS mind.

  4. @Jen I watched a bit of an episode today (the first part) and saw no flags. might jut be a Canadian thing.

    @VanderbiltWife I know the mom thinks they are kidding but that's what makes it creepier. Like If Miloh said "I'm going to the forest of Craky McCrakerland with this odd guy who always hangs out in front of the house" and we say "cool"

    He loves the book because he loves the Cat. My fave Seuss book is Green Eggs and Ham

  5. OMG. Did you happen to read any of the responses to that crackpot's question about the lesbian moms? I read them all. I have to bleach my eyes now.

  6. What exactly was the matter with the responses?
    I did not read them all. but they appeared to simply be a large quantity of mothers concerned about bad messages they get from TV shows. I've watched quite a few of those episodes. And quite frankly all of them creep me out.
    Especially the jigga-ma-whizzer part.

    Good post kenny.

  7. They alternate the moms, but I too have suspected lesbianism there, as I have to wonder, where are the dads? Not only that, but when Cat says "your mother will not mind at all if you do," they only ask one mother, giving rise to the notion, they're in a relationship, and permission from one is sufficient for both children. The separate housing is merely to keep up appearances.

    Now, what really bugs me is not just the "flick the jigga-ma-whizzer," but what happens with the thingamajigger right after. It lets fly balloons, trumpets horns, and then shoots off a burst of confetti. Yeah. "Isn't this fun?" indeed.

    1. Actually, in that one christmas special, the two dads showed up to put in the tree. :T

    2. The two dads showed up to put in the tree in that christmas special. :T

  8. Honestly, I found this post far more disturbing than the show. I agree that the cat is a connector, no issues there... But seriously, sex with the pool boy?! Who comes to that conclusion? And why is the jigga-ma-whizzer dirty? Only those with dirty minds would connect that to something sexual.

    And yes, the mothers are rather aloof about letting their kids go wherever with the cat, I won't disagree about that.

    But are you kidding?!- The cat killed or abducted the narrator just because he wasn't in the show?! wtf!

    This article was far more disgusting and jumped to so many disturbing, far out conclusions that would never cross the mind of someone innocent like a child.

    And just so all of you know, just because someone doesn't grow up with a father does NOT mean their mother is a lesbian.

    You grown ups have seemingly twisted minds and for the sake of your children should get your thoughts out of the gutter. I watched more than a few of these episodes and none of the sick thoughts that you all came up with even once crossed my mind.

    1. Wow! I agree that the comments made on this post are disturbing. I was just looking up whether the mom thinks the kids are kidding about going somewhere. You know, PRETEND play? How could so many "mothers" come to such bizarre conclusions. I watched it when I was little, my older boys watched it when they were little and now my youngest two watch it. We all love the show. It is educational, and keeps the kids entertained. And to the below comment, why do the kids have two moms? because they are not brother and sister. Do you share 1 mom with your next door neighbor friend? To imply the mothers are lesbian because there is no dad? They are called stay at home moms while the dad works. The worry of things called thingamajigger and other wierd concoctions being sexual, what!? Do you also find the classic Cinderella offending with the fairy godmother using such words as bippity boppity boo sexual too? What am I asking, if you can make such out there comments about a childrens program that is only intended to teach children, you probably have an issue with ANY cartoon out there for children.

  9. I have to say, I found this webpage because my 5 year old came to me and said "why do those kids have 2 moms?" So, its not out of left field.


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