August 21, 2011

Behind the Tweet: Episode Three

It started with having the quietest newborn ever when it came to sleep, then four days passed and he was not a good sleeper. Things got better for a minute and then it was bad again.

At four months we did Cry it Out. That worked like a charm but then I wrote a post about it so he rebelled.

It's been a roller coaster ride with his sleep.

Recently we figured out he was scared of his room so his doctor suggested we put a gate up and keep the door open. Again we had a tough time and kinda needed to do a simpler CIO since he could walk to the gate because of the no crib deal.

He's going to sleep well again.

Sometimes he wants us to cuddle more. When he wants to do that he's different with both of us... With me he will push my head down so I know to sleep. Then he grabs me by the hair to pull my head up to see if my eyes are closed.

Other times he has his independence. Sometimes pushes us away to leave. Sometimes he waves and says "bah-bah".

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