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Behind The Tweet: Episode One

Since most of my genius comes in under 140 characters I thought I'd do a little Behind The Tweet thing.

But I should also mention that I guest posted at With Two Cats today. Check it out there but don't be disappointed when it shows up here later... It's a good post and there will be extra content (read one extra photo if I remember).

Anyway back to Behind The Tweet.
This was tweeted after some coworkers asked if I wanted to go to lunch and I said I was just going to go to Caribou for coffee... Then someone said that I looked tired.

In reality I'm not tired... But I do look it often. It's because of Miloh... He's kicking my butt.

You see my body hasn't adjusted to his time zone, and I'm not sure it ever will at this point. My body hates getting up before 7am... No matter when I go to sleep if I get up before 7 I feel like I'm hung over.  But it doesn't help that I usually can't sleep until midnight or later.

And while Staci and I switch off who has morning duty I still hear him when he gets up at 6 (or earlier).

To make matters worse he's scared of his room right now, so he has a tendency to get up in the middle of the night and wail like a banshee. Also, because he's not digging his room, his doctor suggested we put a gate up on his door but keep the door open so he feels less alone. Good in theory but not so great in practice.

He's like a booby trap waiting to go off... One wrong move... One tiny noise as I walk by his room to go to sleep and he's up. And at times he's sleeping on the floor right next to the gate just waiting for anything to wake him.

Two nights ago it was pretty bad... He woke as I went to bed and would not calm himself... He wailed like he's never wailed before...

And I gave in.

I went to calm him but there was nothing I could do... So I grabbed my pillow and sheet, plopped the pillow on the floor and turned the light off...

While I was doing that he grabbed my rather heavy pillow and place it on his bed. I grabbed it and put it back on the floor. He wailed a bit but finally settled when he came off his bed and laid on the floor with me, head on the pillow and body going the opposite way from me...

And since I didn't go to sleep until 1am and he got up at 6am I was looking not the best, again... And not feeling 100 percent until about 9am (it's weird, no matter when I wake or how little I sleep once I'm supposed to be going I'm good)... But times like that make the lack of sleep worth it.

The thing is it's not just one day. That day was proceeded by another day of little sleep and today I'm on five hours because I didn't get to sleep until 12:30 and he woke at 5:45.

So while he isn't giving me grey hairs he is giving me dark circles... And that's why I say I'm tired all the time.

Also if this makes no sense it's because it was written before 9am.

Moral of the story: I need some coffee.


  1. i feel ya. KF is the lightest sleeper on the planet. was up for 3 hours with him last night. beyond exhausted. anyway, have you tried putting a noise machine in his room? we have it cranked up on "ocean" every night. seems to help slightly.

  2. My 15month old will not sleep in his crib. 1/2 is our fault for not having the heart to let him cry it out. I am tempted to put a mattress in there and get rid of the crib so when he wakes up at 1am he can find his way to our bedroom so I do not have to go get him. It all started at three months the first time he got sick. I am always tired. I feel your pain.

  3. Hey! Heading over here from your guest post at Lauren's. Definitely cool to find a guy/dad blogger around here...and a funny one at that! Luckily after a few days of "ferberizing" my almost 11 month old sleeps awesomely. I think the sleep deprivation is one of the hardest part of parenting..especially when the kids wake up early at the same time every morning no matter when you go to bed the night/morning before. Before I became a mom I was a 3d animator, and the daily afternoon coffee break with the work peeps was my favorite part of the day, next to lunch, the train ride home and the train ride there:) Now I've got sort of my own side gig thing going on while I stay at home with her, and man, is it hard to get any work done!! Good luck, hope the nights get better. Miloh is really cute:)

  4. @katie... 12 months of it would be tough. Miloh's never been a good sleeper but he's had some pockets of good stuff. I'm hoping the tide turns.

  5. @sarah thanks for checking the blog out. We chose Cry it out vs Ferber. It worked then it didn't... Kind of after he got sick.

    We redid CIO and it's working again.

    I know what you mean about working while at home with a kid... Sucks... Not sure how folks do it.

  6. How many days did it take until he stopped crying?

  7. @kaite it took about three days. Then about a week this second time. He cries for maybe a minute now just to let us know he's there.

    Here's my post about Cry it Out

  8. thank you! I sometime wander if it is to late.


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