September 18, 2009

3 things

Number 1
Here's one to file under things not to say. Yesterday I was talking to the pre-kid, it's cool because he/she actually moves around when I talk.

Well I was telling it that it has it easy now. That it's basically just hanging out in a bath for 9 months. Then I said it's present living quarters are super luxurious because it is, in ratio, bigger than what a bath will be once it's born.

First off, not sure what I was thinking because the size relationship was wrong. Second, Staci was obviously there at the time and did not like my comparison of her size to a bath tub.

For the record she looks great right now.

Number 2
My recent post about (not) finding out what gender our kid is was republished on Dad Camp. It's a nice new site that has postings about fatherhood that are pretty universal. It's not the cliche dad stuff you see out there. So check them out if you're a dad, gonna be a dad or know a dad.

Number 3
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