September 27, 2009

I learned something about babies today

Thanks to the geniuses who made this changing station I learned not to let a baby fall and hit it's head on a disgusting airport bathroom floor.

One lesson down...many more to go.


  1. Also, it appears that when dropped the baby's head will spark on impact, so maybe don't have anything flammable nearby. Maybe THAT'S why the FAA is is being so restrictive about what we can bring through security. This answers so many questions.

  2. Indeed.

    But also bear in mind-they mean watch them every SECOND. Every fraction of every second.

  3. ...unless you like emergency rooms.

  4. That's actually a big thing that freaks me out about kids. Until their head can stand up on it's own I feel like it could flop over and break their neck. And then they crawl/walk and get into more shit.


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