September 8, 2009

So close to tabula rasa...

We live in a row house without a basement so storage space is at a minimum. That's why the room which will soon be the baby room was a freaking mess a month ago.

It started out as our office but it was too sparse. Then it slowly became a catch all for everything we didn't want to organize or weren't committed to sell or donate. It was never included in the tour of our house.

But finally after a bunch of trips to Good Will, a couple sales on Craigslist and 2 weeks of organizing we finally cleared out the room. Okay there are a couple things in there but they are baby related.

Now we need to find the perfect shade of white and start painting. We're going with white because it makes the room really clean and any art we add will pop.

We found a site called Modern Nursery. They offer some really well designed furniture, decor and gear. The furniture is simple/Swiss style so if you're into that check them out.

That's where we picked up this tree wall sticker. Once we figure out what variety of kid we're having, which I guess is when it's born, we'll create some other birds, leaves and butterflies to fit the gender of the kid. Not too pink and blue but a little hint is what we're looking for.

Then we're going to add some prints and posters. Since we'll be spending a lot of time in the baby room we want to put up art that we can appreciate but art that is of course appropriate for a kid.

I always check out OMG Posters to find new stuff. The site is geared towards poster collectors so don't expect to see good kids stuff all the time. But if you keep checking you'll find some cute stuff like this stuff from 64 colors or the Dig Dug poster by Dave Perillo.

Our baby's walls are going to have some work from a friend of mine, Jesse LeDoux. His work is awesome, and this series fits with our style. My only worry is our baby will have this art in it's room as a little one but then get sick of it when it's older. But it's not really kid art so that would be a shame.

As for the print I mentioned in an earlier post, I actually just received it today. The print is amazing but unfortunately not the right colors we were thinking for the room. I kind of knew that would happen but I figured that it would find a home. And it will in the hallway leading to the baby room so when it's older it could learn to question, or I guess actually ignore, authority.


  1. I love the vending-maching print.

  2. That one is japan, because of all the crazy things you can get in vending machines there. I like the head in there. Best thing he showed me, although it might not have been from a vending machine, was a cobra in a bottle of vodka.


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