September 4, 2009

Do you want a boy or a girl? The loaded question.

Everyone asks the obligatory question of what we want to have, a boy or girl. I think about 80% of the people care what the answer is. The other 20% want the answer to be 'I don't care as long as it's healthy.'

In fact a couple I've have been chastised, and lectured about my answer when it wasn't healthy. And that really pisses me off because that wasn't the question. I've never been asked 'would you rather have a healthy kid or would you rather pick the sex' because that's really what you're asking if the answer should be healthy.

And let's say the baby isn't healthy. It's still going to be a boy or girl, right. So shouldn't I still be able to have a preference.

And as I said before I don't really care as long as it snowboards.

I lean a bit towards boy because I love the name we picked for a boy. Plus I really don't get little girl clothes, tights, frilly dresses etc.

If it's a girl I'd be excited too. I also like the name we picked. Plus I think female snowboarding is really progressing and since our child will be blessed with a low center of gravity, Staci and I aren't the tallest of folks, and some gymnastic style athleticism I'd be psyched to see my girl tear up the hills.

So why am I writing this today? Because Staci weaseled here way into getting our ultrasound a week early, so in about an hour we're gonna find out if the pre-kid is a pre-boy or a pre-girl.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit freaked out.

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