September 21, 2009

alphabet stew

At some point we'll be teaching our baby to read. So the alphabet will probably be an integral part in that.

I found some cool posters and prints of alphabets so I thought I'd share. Some are limited additions and may no longer be available, but they are all good eye candy.

by Sigrid Martinez available on Laffiche Moderne

by Burlesque Design scroll down a bunch

by Eléonore Thuillier available on Laffiche Moderne

by Lorena Siminovich (petitcollage on etsy)

by Aaron Hogg on Threadless

This one is actually a name poster
by Jennifer Ramos aka Made By Girl

As a little aside, since our child will be in the Montessori environment it will learn cursive before regular. There are a bunch of reasons that they start with it, including it being more natural, the circles and such are mirror the way children draw and it helps them see the contrast in upper and lower case. I'll probably talk more about that when our child is doing that but since that's years away here's a little snippet of more info.

With the good reasons to keep teaching cursive it's interesting that schools are dropping it. There has been buzz about it in the news lately.

I'm not really sure where I stand. I think it is good for kids learning to write, but my handwriting has not gotten better since 2nd grade. So I'm not one to talk about how people should write.

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