September 28, 2009

Update post

An unexpected side affect of writing this blog is that I was introduced to the world of baby blogs. Totally didn't expect it, but since most of my readers are pregnant women or moms it makes sense.

There is some great stuff out there. One of the blogs I'm digging is by Morgan. Great, real look at pregnancy with some cool design stuff too.

She does a weekly update on what's going on with her and her pregnancy. All those questions that folks would ask.

But since men aren't the ones doing the hard work no one asks us what's up with us.

I thought it would be fun to answer her update questions from a male point of view. So here goes:

How far along? Officially 22 weeks and 4 days, but since I know a little more about math and the female body than every doctor I know that it's really closer to 20.

Total weight gain/loss: Down 3 pounds...sorry.

Stretch marks? I always had these little ones on my ankles...I think they are from when I grew to a enormous 5'6".

Sleep: This time a year my sleeping pattern sucks.

Best moment this week: Finding out Staci and the pre-kid are okay. Second best is the falafel at Little Tel-Aviv.

Movement: yeah, especially when I talk to it.

Food cravings: A falafel sandwich from Taste of Lebanon in Chicago (on Foster.) So freaking good, and its rolled which is hard to find. But since that's too far I'll go with good french fries.

Gender: Pre-kid is keeping it's legs crossed...awesome start if it's a girl.

Labor Signs:. I don't expect to have any. I do however have a bit of a tummy ache, it's probably from the super spicy food I had for lunch, or it could be punishment for eating on Yom Kippur...probably a bit different from labor.

Belly Button in or out? Innie and lint free.

What I miss: Snowboarding, not as much because of the pregnancy more because it's not winter. I'd love an early snow dump so I can ride before the baby comes.

What I am looking forward to: Getting the room together and seeing the little kid.

Weekly Wisdom: Try Malt Star, a soda that tastes like Guinesss and is surprisingly good. Plus, according to the guy at Little Tel Aviv, it promotes milk production if you're breastfeeding. FYI I am mentioning this again in hopes that Malt Star sees it and sends me free product.

Milestones: The pre-kid can now hear so we're playing music for it. I'm also trying to describe to it how to carve on a snowboard.

Oh and I added a blog roll to the right column. There are some other great baby blogs there, plus some design blogs, some illegal art blogs and more. Enjoy.


  1. I always wondered what it was like for a man to go through pregnancy and you depicted it well!

  2. I'm totally jealous that you've lost 3 lbs. Men.

  3. Thanks. I gotta lose the weight because Staci want's me to take a baby swim class. It's not until the baby is 6 months, but I may as well get a jump on getting in better shape.

  4. Thank you for adding my blog! I've got yours on my blogroll too. I agree with Little Pinwheel- it's very interesting to see pregnancy from the male perspective. I would have probably asked my husband how he was doing during mine, but I was too scared to know the truth. When I ask him about it today, he fondly recalls the many occasions I begged him to take my life, and my subsequent demands for an explanation when he refused.

  5. LOL I love this post! I've actually wondered before how a guy would answer those questions - good to know your baby is getting the proper pre-natal education on how to carve on a snowboard. :-P

    P.S. We’ve picked you for a One Lovely Blog award on Pregosaur!

  6. thanks all, I'll do another one later on since a weekly update would be a bit redundant on the guy side.

    Pregosaur, thanks for the shout out.


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