October 3, 2011

Photos equal awesomeness: Mongolians see photos of themselves for the first time.

I don't really use this blog to aggregate stuff I've seen on the web, maybe I should, but once in a bit I see something that jumps out of me. People are doing a lot of cool stuff out there and it spreads because of social media. I suppose people have been doing this cool stuff forever but now it gets attention.

I should also say people do a lot of stupid stuff that usually gets more attention than the cool stuff but I won't go as far as to say people are idiots... But they are.

Anyway since my last couple posts were about photography I thought I'd share this one I found on PetaPixel.

It's two teenage photographers who traveled to Mongolia and took photos of Natives who'd never seen photos of themselves. How amazing, scary and crazy would that be to be one of those people... Either the natives or the two teens?

I think what really gets me about this is the teens changed the Mongolians lives. Not in a major way. But they will have the photos and talk about the day they got them. And tell their kids... It's awesome.

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