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That Freaking Floor Bed

Back in August I wrote about how I don't get to sleep anymore because MF's not a huge fan of sleep... Not much has changed but I figured I should update on the floor bed thing because I've become the most trusted authority in all things floor bed.*
*from an undisclosed source

I should also remention (which according to is actually a word) that MF is out of a floor bed and is in a super crazy low bed, so it's pretty much the same.

I will say a floor bed can be a pain in the ass. I think it all depends on the kid, and since MF is a little me, there have been a few pain in the ass times.

It really deals with the fact that he can get out whenever, which is the point, although it also means that he can escape.

To jail him up keep him safe we put a baby gate up at his door. I mentioned all this before but since I never read my blog I can't assume you do... Except for this particular post which you're currently reading.

Short story is MF loves his room, loves his bed, feels real comfortable in his space and feels quite independent... In a good way not in a roach falling on his head / going out in the middle of the night way.

And we love all this too.

But it's been super tough also.

Nerve racking racking at first... Worrying that he'd fall off and smother himself or break his neck... This was before he could even roll. Then we worried when we'd find him all over his room when we went in to wake him, although we knew from friends that we should expect that.

Then it was awesome... We'd hear him playing with his toys when he woke up. He'd play for up to a half hour when he woke before he cried for us to get him.

Next... More hell... He became a booby trap that hears any noise that passes. But that's not as much as a flor bed thing as the deal that he's best with his door open vs closed. Door open works best.

This is where the floor bed gets tricky. If he was in a crib he'd cry as we pass and he'd be confined so we wouldn't have to see his cute little face, crying behind the bars of a baby gate, as we walk by his open door. And it sucks seeing him there... So I often find myself hiding on my way to our room until he stops stirring.

Last night I hid in the bathroom for 15 minutes as he waited for me to leave.

It was a classic standoff. Me inside the bathroom, lights off, just on the other side of the door listening for him. He, right at the gate, waiting for me to make my move. I could hear a little clank of the gate as he waited. I swear the kid has some kind of infrared vision. He had seen the light go on under the door but it was off for 15 minutes... And he knew every time I reached to the door.

So there are definite cons to the floor bed... But I think the pros outweigh them.

And hearing him wake in the morning, and play with his little toolbox for twenty minutes before calling out for us to get him, is one of those times I remember it's worth it.

Moral of the sotry: I think I overuse commas


  1. It's like you are at our house! Wait. Are you at our house? Going in to cover our floor bed sleeper up is risky but we do. And then hit the deck when he stirs. My husband crouched behind a balance ball for at least 5 minutes waiting for him to settle one night. I've stood stone-pillar straight in the shadows, then afraid when I start to leave his room some joint will pop and wake him.

  2. just before we moved in october we decided to 'big girl' bed stella and just took the side off her ridiculously low crib and she did perfect - went straight to bed and didn't make a move or peep till morning. when we moved we got her a twin mattress and put it on the floor and now she trolls around her room for three hours every night without fail then falls asleep literally like she fell asleep playing in some weird place. i totally wonder if bringing in a actual bed again would help? hmmm.
    ok, now that i have told you my life story...

  3. At least he sleeps in his bed. Mine sleeps in mine. I am tempted to get a twin for his room and sleep in there and just give mine up completely.

  4. So far R is totally cool in her crib still... but, I know she'll figure out how to get out eventually... floor bed for sure. I'll be coming to you for wisdom!

    VERY much laughed out loud at hiding in the bathroom. I have done this.

  5. First comment on your site - it's a whole lot of fun over here!

    Seriously, can so relate to all this. We finally caved and just put the floor bed in our room. Yes, defeating the purpose of a floor bed, but it was the only way she'd sleep. Alas. Though, on a positive note, I can go to the bathroom at night and actually TURN A LIGHT ON. Yeah.

  6. Oh the floor bed... I'm training to be a Montessori teacher and was very enthusiastic about trying the floor bed. My son is now 9 months and every.single.night I find him sleeping on the hard floor and it breaks my heart. There is a huge rubber mat underneath the mattress but he always crawls beyond that and falls asleep in random places. And I know it's not ok because when I go get him his cheeks and and hands are freezing. I am ready to accept defeat and get him a crib.

  7. @carla it's hard to say what to do if his cheeks and hands are getting super cold. I do know that the folks we know that did a floor bed with hardwood had some sort of rug underneaths, and we did a short fibered rug underneath the bed for awhile on top of our carpet.

    But yeah, they do find themselves off the bed in random places a lot... it's not an easy thing.

    Also I was freakish about temperature when our so was born. I think the room temp reco is 68-70 so it felt quite cold to my wife but it was good for him... Still you want him to be safe and comfortable so I understand your fears.


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