October 5, 2011

This might be dangerous... Part 2 of my latest open letter

Okay, so last week I wrote a post that was an open letter to Pentax asking if I could get an Optio WG-1. I was expecting a nice form letter if anything.

But instead I got a super nice email from the folks there and they said they were entertained and asked me how I feel about orange. I said it was my favorite color... But that might be a lie. I really like certain greys, but for some reason I spell it the English way and it feels pompous yet spelling it 'gray' would seem fake.

Anyway I should say that my other open letters were total cold calls... I put them up on my blog then sent them to folks. But since this was a higher ticket price I sent the email to them first. So when I posted last week I actually had the camera... But really that changes nothing in your enjoyment of the post because unlike James Frey it wasn't total BS.

Yada yada yada... the camera will now be the official point and shoot of my blog (little bug on my sidebar coming soon). I'll also review it soon and periodically test out it's awesomeness (waterproof, cold proof and shock proof etc.) and show the results.

I will say that in the little bit that I have had time to play I really dig it. And I really thank the folks at Pentax for being awesome (you know who you are).

The problem is this now validated my thing that I have going on and it could have started a monster. Look for future open letters to places like Harvard, Yale and the school with the best underwater photography program asking for free tuition for Miloh. I'll have all the schools compete for the best offer.

So while I have no pics to post, which is a bit lame considering... But I have a post I'm working on with the first pics, I'll leave you with a video. The camera takes some really nice video...

It's short, but Miloh was saying Fire Fuck and I had to get that on tape (or flash memory). But the second I took out the camera Fuck became Puck... So disappointing.

I should say that Miloh loves the camera which is why he grabbed it in the end... And when I had it for literally less than a minute he dropped it... And I'm glad it's shockproof... Didn't have to worry.


  1. I didn't read the post. Just came to see the cute kid.

  2. They actually sent you the camera? That. is. awesome. Maybe I should start asking companies for free things.. although I doubt my letters would ever be as entertaining as yours.


  3. @chelsea yes they did send a camera. I'm thinking it was luck in the letter hitting the person at the perfect time. They were super nice. I'l be writing more about the camera soon


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