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Getting Paid to Babble

A bit ago I got an email from a PR company but it was different from the rest... It started "I know you're PR unfriendly but... " and so I replied because they read my blog.

The gist is they wanted to know if I'd do some sponsored posts... And I said I'd think about it if I could write whatever I want... And I could... So I said yes.

Also I should mention that while I put "Babble" in the title of this post it's a bit of irony... Because they put me down as one of the top 50 daddy blogs and mentioned how I don't sell out... Although seriously I'm not selling out.

The folks at Vick VapoRub wanted to hook up with me because they're launching their first Vapo Dad so they wanted to hook up with the best dads ever and best dad bloggers and of course I was at the top of the list...

And while I could really write about anything I think it would be weird if I wrote about how I did an amazing infographic for a friend's Halloween display because that just doesn't sound right.

Luckily MF gets sick a bunch and so I had some fodder.

So here's the deal... MF had tubes put in his ears a bit ago. When the docs suggested it we were all for it. Not that we want to put him under the knife but because we knew it would help since he was getting ear infections every other week.

Well the tubes helped quite a bit. He does still get sick but luckily we can now see goo flowing out of his ear before the infection gets bad. Can I say that "luckily we can see goo flowing out his ear"?

An infection did come back and so I had to take him to the ENT to get the stuff sucked out of his ear... Awesome stuff that he totally hated when it was done a few weeks prior... I wasn't there the first time but heard the story of a bit of screaming. It was my turn because Staci had to work and it's not the most fun experience.
Noo Noos
We get into the doc office and immediately goes to the illustration of inner ear because it was coolest thing there in his mind. And so he looks at it, looks at me, points to is and said "noo noos" which mean noodles. Unfortunately he didn't say "free-in noo noos" but he's still learning.

While it may sound disgusting that he mistook the inner ear for noodles it actually just shows that he's a genius that knows Italian because Orecchiette is one of his favorite noodle shapes and it means small ear in Italian.

Then the doc comes in, checks him out and gets him on the table to suck that goo out of his ear. By "his ear" I mean MF's, not the doctors... That would just be weird if he did that. Just wanted to clarify...

So the nurse holds MF's head and I get his body... Surprisingly he didn't just want to lay there on his own. Awkwardness ensues when I kiss his head and he moves and I come uber close to kissing the nurses hand and so apologize.

The suctions starts and Miloh says "done" which means done. He says it a bunch of times (and we console him) and then says "more done" and I laugh. It's probably obvious what "more done" means.

But he's never used "more" in that way... He'll see a dog and say "dog" then see another and say "more dog" blah blah blah. It usually means another but there was something funny about "more done."

After laughing at my screaming kid I had to explain to the doc and nurse why it was hilarious... They have no sense of humor.

Well I've covered ears vs noodles and being the best dad ever by laughing at my kid in pain...

Moving on I'll get to that Vapo Dad... It's being announced today that Drew Brees is the first ever Vapo Dad. Who is Drew Brees you ask? Actually I'm betting most of you know... I think I know who he is because I'm guessing the Quarterback of that Saints... I remember his name being thrown around a few years ago (maybe last year) when they won the Super Bowl. Not sure how much of that is true and if there were some type of engine that could search things I'd use it but alas there is none.

So Drew Brees being a footballer brings me to my office Fantasy Football league. I was asked to join and said that I knew nothing about football... Then I was told it was only $5... So I'm in.

And while I know nothing about the sport, except the very basics, I somehow was in first after the 5th week and second after the 6th... Not sure what's going on but somehow I have a good-ish team. Now I'm in third–yet have the most points... How can I be doing so good?

Although really by the time you read this I could totally tank because my numbers look bad this week.

And next week my quarter back Ben Roth(whatever)er goes up against Drew so let's hope Drew gets so super sick that no amount of VapoRub will help because he's projected to be about 7 points over Benny.

I know that's not really kid related but if I win I could take that $70 put it in a college fund for MF and with interest and such by the time he goes to college I could buy him lunch one day.

And that's what my sponsored posts will be like... Still me.

P.S. while I don't have to mention this I will... VapoRub has a Facebook deally for this campaign... It's called Feel Better Friend. It's to share how you or someone cheered someone up when they were sick... Not sure laughing at your kid is one of those things.


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