October 11, 2011

You decide your view

Hey readers. Since you're the ones who read my blog, which is why I called you readers, I wanted to get your opinion on some new blogger templates.

 I'm sick of my old one and blogger just came out with some really clean ones. I'd love to know what you think about them to inform which I'll use. If they all suck then I'll do my own again.

Magazine: my current view. The first few rows look good then it breaks down a bit. But I think it's readible.

Sidebar: Not sure if it's intuitive with the left nav, but it's clean and I like it.

Timeslide: Nice but no pics show.

Flipcard: I like this one a bit, and it rocks with more photos. But the date label only shows what's cached so you don't see all... And you'r gonna want to read every last word of my blog.

thanks for the input...and hopefully you can find the comment things because those are sometimes hidden.

Also you can see other views from the dropdown on the left of the nav bar.


  1. I like Magazine & Flipcard

  2. Magazine or flipcard

  3. I like Flipcard. The others render weirdly -- but maybe it's just Firefox. (Also, I had to wait to view until I was not on my iPhone, so I don't know if these templates work via mobile, i.e. Twitter link.)

  4. Flipcard
    The others confuse me and make me want to get off the ride and puke. Sorry - thats my opinion. Love ya hubby!

  5. I think Magazine leads because I don't take design advice from my copywriters (John K).. Although that top story does really render weird.

    I went back to my old look for now because they aren't mobile friendly and google analytics can't get info (although you'd think google would have figured that out)


  6. Keep magazine. iGadgets won't show the others...

  7. I read posts from Google Reader so the different layouts are lost on me. I tried out the dynamic views on my blog and, as John K commented, I found rendering problems with some options (while using Chrome).

  8. Anonymous number two and John. I realized those views are taking rss feeds and I think rendering in html5 or something that mobile can't view (I didn't dig too much)

    It's actually a bit annoying that it doesn't throw mobile folks to the mobile site like my regular template does.

    It's surprising because google should know this... But it backs up my theory that while google has some sweet stuff they take way too long to think about the user experience and accessibility through mobile... They really only care about content... But that's how they make cash

    thanks for the input. I'll update when it works


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