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Miloh's 6 month-day

Today is Miloh's 6 month-day and I planned on doing a big post, but some things came up an I wasn't able to write it in time.

So I'm literally phoning it in as I write this on my phone on my way to work. That means I not only disappointed myself in not writing, but I could be disappointing people who follow me on twitter by not live tweeting the budding romance of 2 riders or tweeting about a woman eating yogurt on the bus (its a disgusting thing to do...and maybe she got the message because today she is having a granola bar.)

But if I did actually write the post I'd start with how I've changed. I've been writing this blog for just over a year and in that time I went from dude who is completely scared to hold a kid to dude who one hands his kid while holding 4 different things in the other arm.

I changed from a guy who takes 8 minutes to change a diaper (to be fair there was a fresh circumcision, his, and gauze to worry about) to being able to change it as fast as a pit crew.

FYI now the yogurt woman is doing her makeup. I think that's kinda disgusting my theory is that if you wear makeup the people on the bus should be able to see the best you. I mean we see you every day too...don't just keep the "best" for the people in the office. Kevyn Aucoin must be rolling in his grave (yes I know who he us and love his work.)

Back to the subject...if I wrote a real post I'd write about how I still clam up around other kids, but that I'm getting more comfortable around others.

I'd probably mention Staci and again say how awesome she was in the delivery room and how she's a fantastic mom. With her crazy wacky Montessori ideas she's brought into our house she's created a really cool environment for Miloh.

He's so independent already as he rolls to get whatever he wants and how when he wakes up in the morning he rolls off his bed, finds a toy and plays with it until we get him...NO CRYING to wake us's good stuff.

As long as I'm talking about Miloh and mobility I should mention he just started crawling. He got that and scooting down in the same day. I've never seen it live, I saw a video, because he's f-ing with me. I tried to get him to do it this morning but he wouldn't. However the video of the army crawl is almost scary...he moves as fast as the alien from Alien.

Next, since I mentioned him f-ing with us, if I wrote a real post I'd talk about that. How he knows what to do to get keep us from leaving the room when we put him to sleep. How he'll take his pacifier out and look straight at us, then if we do nothing he'll look at us and cry...but not his normal sad's a different one, one that I believe is fake.

He also fucks with me when I feed him at night. Sometimes my leg will fall asleep and I can't get up...he'll just look at me and giggle. And sometimes when we're changing him if he's in pajamas with a zipper he'll cover the top of the zipper with his hands so we can't zip it up.

Other times he's helpful like when he lifts his legs to help us get the diaper off and on or how he'll hold his own bottle then toss it aside when he's done.

Then I'd write about how he's giggling a ton. How he loves's almost crazy how much he loves it (upcoming post.) He almost jumps for the next bite. I'd mention how we're already seeing his personality and how it scares me that he may be like me...a pain in the ass.

And last, if I wrote a proper post, I'd talk about how this experience has been amazing. It's true when people say you can't even fathom how becoming a parent will change you. It's an awesome journey.

But like I said I didn't do a proper post. I just wrote a little email that I'm going to now send to blogger.

And for those who follow my morning bus tweets (when I find some good subject matter) the #BusLove girl is on the bus but the guy is not. I really think that has stalled...probably all the sports he was talking.

And the yogurt woman eating is now eating her banana (which I have established as the second grossest thing to eat on a bus besides yogurt. They are both "wet" and in my opinion attract every germ on the bus.)


  1. oh shit...and since I wrote this on the bus I totally forgot to mention how I think the half-birthday thing is really cool because I've never had one. My half birthday would be February 31 and those don't come around a kid I always wanted to be able to celebrate one.

    But like I said I just wrote a half-assed post from the bus so hese things get forgotten.

  2. I love pretty much everything about this post especially because you remembered that I do stalk your bus tweets and have a keen interest in the #buslove couple. Also, you're right and he's totally f-ing with you.

  3. I love the post, bro. And I love the family that you, Staci, and Miloh are. I wish that I could see more of this experience first hand. Perhaps they can move Minneapolis and Columbus closer together.

    Happy half birthday to Miloh! If Mom continues what she's done for me, she will always remember Miloh's half birthday. (Sucks for you to have been born August 31, eh?)

  4. lol. nice. Happy half birthday Miloh!

  5. Did the 6 months fly by or what? They grow up so fast it's ridiculous. congrats!

  6. Okay, the fact that you just described a banana as "wet" made me throw up in my mouth a little! But happy (late) 6 month-day to Miloh! He is such a cutie by the way too!

  7. Amy, they are wet aren't they? How would you describe them?

  8. Did the 6 months fly by or what? They grow up so fast it's ridiculous. congrats!

  9. lol. nice. Happy half birthday Miloh!


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