July 21, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Wisdom

I was correct two weeks ago when I said there was 0% chance the weekly words of wisdom would actually be weekly...because I missed week 2. So here's week 2 (or 3.)

Wisdom for Miloh: It's easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission...but it's more satisfying to just say you were right in the first place.

I heard the first part just this year, but I think I've always lived with this philosophy...I added the second part because let's face it, it's true.

So Miloh as you go through life and come up against rules that just make no sense please take this advice...it's worked for me.

HOWEVER...if it's ever a rule or such that your mom and I put out you better ask permission. If you don't I can assure you begging forgiveness will be much harder...you forget I'm a bit Hungarian and can be a lot stubborn.

None of this asking your mom if it's ok if you can go out even though you're grounded...we're both going to be on the same page.

Actually you know what? I'm not exactly sure what you did, when you're going to read this and quote it to me, but you shouldn't have done it.

You're grounded for a month...no questions asked. No car privileges (if you're over 16) or no video Wii 13 (or whatever it will be called) if you're under 16.


  1. Hi there, I found your blog thru the apartment therapy/ohdeedoh post the other day, and since then have pretty much read the whole thing (cause I like it. a lot.) I tried to read as many of the comments as possible, but... well, there were a lot of them. so maybe i just missed what i was looking for, but did you ever say what name you and Staci picked out if Miloh had been a girl?

  2. Molly, glad you found my site...thanks for reading it all.

    I don't think I ever did say the name. But I think we're sticking with one kid and wouldn't do the m-h thing again if for some reason we didn't...so I think I can say.

    It was going to be Micah (which we know is technically a boys name.) But we were stuck on the spelling so it could have been Mycah (I didn't like the descending y...I don't love it in my name) Mikah or Mykah.

    I liked Miloh better anyway so I'm psyched he's a boy.


  3. Thanks! I like both names, and yes, Micah would've been just fine for a boy but Miloh does seem to suit him very well.

  4. Thanks! I like both names, and yes, Micah would've been just fine for a boy but Miloh does seem to suit him very well.


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