July 18, 2010

The time Miloh's feet turned blue

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My wife Staci was out of town for the first time since our only son Miloh was born 5.5 months ago. I had him all to myself as my in-laws, who live in the same city, and a lot of my friends who could help were all out of town as well.

I knew I'd be able to handle taking care of him for the 2.5 days but I knew I could get a bit tired since it's not easy taking care of a baby all by yourself...but that's all boring.

I guess it started Sunday night when I noticed Miloh had been kicking his right leg an awful lot...I tweeted asking for advice and the consensus was that it was normal...

Then on Monday morning while on a call with someone from my office I noticed that Miloh's right foot was blue...I hung up the phone and went over to him...it was quite dark and looked dirty, but it wasn't. That was the same foot he had been kicking the night before. I knew something was wrong so I called the nurse line and put our dog away.

When I came back down I noticed both of his feet were blue, this couldn't be good...and I was still on hold with the nurse line...so I hung up and headed to urgent care...that's when I learned a couple things:

  • I could get out of the house pretty fast in an emergency
  • My 2004 Toyota Corolla can go 0-70 much faster than you'd think
  • Cops in my neighborhood are not too attentive because they don't notice someone going 70mph in a 35 zone when they are 300 feet away from them
  • We got to urgent care, faster than we should have, and flew in the door...on my way in I almost pushed over an older woman who was limping...you probably think I'm kidding but I'm not...she was close to getting body checked.We headed to the doctor room and the nurse checked him out. She said that Miloh was her favorite patient of the day...I know they say that to all kids and what she really meant to say was that he was her favorite patient ever.

Then the doc came in. At this time Miloh's feet were fine...he was happy...care free. This is when I learned a few new things:

  • Babies feet get cold often (and my wife knew this and supposedly I did too)
  • You don't need to be concerned unless their mouth or hands turn blue...then it could be circulatory
  • You shouldn't leave your house, with your baby, without a bottle just in case it hits his/her feeding time
  • You shouldn't leave your house, with your baby, without a diaper just in case it gets smelly
  • When your diaper bag is right at the door and you notice it as you leave the house you should take a second and pick it up
  • When everything was over and I knew Miloh was OK I called my wife and told her we were leaving urgent care and everything was fine...I may have lied to her and texted her that I was on a work call because I didn't want her to worry when she stepped on her flight back...there's no way to tell for sure if I lied or not.When I told her she said she was really concerned that I didn't tell her about going to urgent care when I was there. I said I didn't tell her because I didn't want her to worry in case there was nothing wrong. 

Then I learned a couple things:

  • This is why when I'm out of town and she heads to the hospital with Miloh I get frantic calls that about him...and then the moral at the end is that he's ok.
  • This I believe is one of the fundamental differences between men and women.

And if it happens again I won't call Staci until I know what's wrong...and I know if the shoe is on the other foot she'll call me the second she thinks something is wrong...but that's OK because we understand this about each other.

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